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User Guide

I. User Functions

  • 1. Account Management:Click "Register User" at the top of the webpage to register as a new user of this site according to the prompts.
    Registered users can directly enter their account and password at the top to log in.
    After logging in, enter the "User Center" to view and modify user information, modify passwords, set avatars and other functions.
  • 2. In-site Messages:The in-site message function of the "Member Center" allows you to send messages to other users, or use the "Send to Administrator" function to submit website suggestions, error reports, etc. to the website administrator.
    Messages sent to you by other users can also be read in the "Inbox", and new messages will be prompted in the login status at the top of the webpage.
  • 3. Bookshelf Collection:Click "Add to Bookshelf" on the work information page, or click "Add to Bookmark" when reading a certain chapter to add the book to your collection. Later, you can directly select the collected works in "My Bookshelf" to read.
  • 4. Works Interaction:On the work information page, you can click "Recommend this book" for your favorite book or use "Reward the author" to enter a certain amount of virtual currency to reward the author.
    For your impressions after reading the work, please post it in the book review at the bottom of the information page.

II. VIP Function

  • 1. VIP works:The excellent works of this site can become VIP works after being reviewed by the editor. Some chapters need to be subscribed with virtual currency before they can be read.
    Enter the "Library" page, select "Only see VIP works" in "VIP status" to display the list of all VIP works of this site separately.
  • 2. VIP members:Ordinary users become "VIP members" after recharging virtual currency. Virtual currency is mainly used to subscribe to VIP works and reward.
  • 3. Member recharge:Click the "Recharge" link in the navigation bar to enter the recharge page, then select the recharge mode and amount to recharge cash into the virtual currency of this site.
    Recharge methods can be selected from Alipay, major online banks, mobile recharge cards and game point cards, etc.

Three, Author Help

  • 1. Apply to become an author:Click the "Apply for Author" link in the "Member Center", enter the application page and submit a part of your work sample chapters as review materials according to the prompts.
    If the administrator passes the review, your account will be automatically upgraded to an author, and you can officially publish your work after the next login.
    If the review fails, the administrator will notify you of the specific reason through the site message.
  • 2. Publish new works:Enter the "Author Zone", click "Publish Novel" on the left, enter the work name, category, introduction and other information and submit it.
  • 3. Add chapters:Click "Manage Novels" on the left to display the list of works you have created, and select the "Update" link on the left or right to add chapters.
  • 4. Modify works:Click "Manage Novels" on the left to display the list of works you have created, and select the "Manage" link on the left or right to enter the management page of this work. This includes functions such as modifying work information and modifying, deleting, and sorting chapter content.
  • 5. Draft function:To update chapters of existing works, you can save them as drafts before the content of the chapters is determined. Click "New Draft" on the left to create a draft of a chapter, and click "Manage Draft" to allow the draft chapter to be published as a formal chapter, or delete the draft content.
  • 6. Contact information:Setting contact information is mainly for the administrator to contact you. For the author of VIP works, we will also settle with you based on the total payment information of the contact information. This information is only for administrators to view and will not be disclosed to the public.
    Click "Contact Information" in the "Author Zone" to set and modify your contact information.
  • 7. Apply for a contract: Enter the "Manage Novels" page, click the "Contract" link behind the corresponding work, and use the in-site message function to apply to the administrator for a contract for this work and permission to send VIP.
    The administrator will contact you and complete the specific contract operation. For works that have been VIP-signed, you can choose to publish VIP chapters when updating.