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1. This website only provides users with a space to upload their original works. Please upload your own original works and do not infringe on the intellectual property rights and related rights of others.

2. This website will not make any form of editing or modification to the content of the works uploaded by users. If netizens find that a work uploaded by a user infringes on the rights of others, please inform us in writing.

3. Since we cannot fully monitor the content of all works uploaded by users to this website, we have formulated measures and steps to protect the legitimate rights and interests of intellectual property rights holders. When the copyright owner and/or the right holder who can exercise the right of information network dissemination according to law (hereinafter referred to as the "right holder") finds that the content uploaded by users on this website infringes on their information network dissemination rights, the right holder should issue a rights notice to this website in advance, and this website will take measures to delete the relevant content in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

4. Without the explicit permission of this website, no one may reprint or steal links to the works of this website; no one may copy or imitate this website.

5. For issues not covered in this statement, please refer to relevant national laws and regulations. When this statement conflicts with national laws and regulations, national laws and regulations shall prevail.